The Robinson Residence: April 2018

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Stripes & Downtown

     Hi loves! Happy Hump Day! This week, I have been feeling a bit guilty. Mom guilt. I believe every mom goes through it at one point. Let's face it, I am not perfect. No person is. Although, I strive to be perfect day by day and that includes being the absolute best, well put-together mother I can be. My babies are my world and will forever be my number one's. Why am I feeling guilty then? Prior to starting this blog, my attention was 110% to them. I didn't have to sacrifice my time with them, not once. I didn't have any plans other than staying at home with them. There was no content that needed to be created, no deadlines with companies that needed to be met, no events I needed to attend, and also no pictures that had to be taken. I feel as if I am constantly on the go- that's something I was not use to before my blogging journey. All I was used to was time with my kids.
     Blogging has taught me how to be flexible and really manage and prioritize my time. It has allowed me to challenge myself and push myself to be the best I possibly can, with a million things on my plate. I am beginning to get better at it all. I was put on this earth to be a mother to my precious babies, this I know. I have figured out when I am going to be posting content, so that way I am not taking time away from them.  My posts will either be up before 8 am every morning or 10 pm every night! Family comes first.
My Outfit Details:
     This jumpsuit is so bright, bold, and fun! When I spotted it at Express, I knew it was coming home with me! Not only is it super cute, but it is also very comfortable.  You can style this outfit more dressy or more casual, I love hoe versatile it is.  For a more casual look, just throw a jean jacket on top, for a more dressy look a leather jacket or leave as is. Pretty simple to work with! 

Thursday, April 19, 2018

10K Celebration, THANK YOU!!!

     Wow! 10k followers? From the bottom of my heart, thank you all so much, every single one of you. You guys are the best!!  I started my blogging journey this past September and I absolutely love sharing my life with you all. Blogging is so fun!
     When I first started blogging 6 months ago of course I had short term goals:
1) Getting accepted into Reward Style as an influencer. 
2)Hitting 5k.
3)Hitting 10k.
      Now, I can finally say that I have reached my 3rd short term goal! Thanks to you guys. I look
forward to continuing this journey with you all, growing my following beyond, creating amazing content, and just reaching for the stars. 
Growth comes from setting your goals high and reaching for the stars." —Spencer W. Kimball

10k Giveaway!
     I thought I'd give back to you guys for following along by hosting a giveaway with some of my personal favorite goodies. I use these items every day and night. So the lucky winner will have a piece of me with them! To enter the giveaway follow these simple steps:
1) Follow me on Instagram @mrs.rebeccarobinson
3)Tag two friends in the comment section of my Instagram photo!
 That's it!
Thank you all so much, again! The winner will be announced by 12 PM CST on Monday, 4/23.

My Outfit Details:

Monday, April 16, 2018


     Happy Monday, Dolls! I hope you all had a great start to your week. Let's make it a good one! I have been so busy lately it feels like. Being a mommy, a wife, a maid around the house, a cook, a teacher, a full time blogger, and now killing it at our new business on the side- phew! I am loving it and feeling like super woman if I am being honest, ha!
     I love challenging and bettering myself day by day. What's the next thing I can do to better myself? I am constantly setting goals for myself. I want to be the best I possibly can be for my husband and for our children. Tomorrow morning at 5 am I am starting my new workout routine- I am so excited. After having two babies in two years, I feel like it can take a toll on your body. Your body changes. That's just the facts.  If I am being honest, I love my body now. I think having babies actually made me appreciate my body more. I am hitting the gym to gain more strength, energy, and just to be healthy (for my babies)! I can't wait to take you guys along my fitness journey, I hope it's an inspiring one!!
     Now, lets get to the important stuff. THIS OUTFIT! I absolutely adore this dress. I think it is so gorgeous and feminine. The color combination is so unique and caught my eye in a heart beat! The ruffle detailing sold me as well, duh. I decided to pair this dress with my black heels, making the outfit more bold. Also, these sunnies are my absolute favorite ever, they have the BEST cat eye I have ever seen + they are only $14. You just can't beat it, ladies!! Xoxo.
     Thanks so much for stopping by and reading! I hope you all have an amazing rest of your week.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Tea For Two

     My sweet Sophia Grace is two years old, and I can't believe how fast time flies by. My 1st baby, I remember as if it were yesterday when we were finding out we were pregnant, having her, her 1st birthday, and now she's two? It's so bittersweet. I love watching her grow into the smart, sassy, and fearless little angel she is today but at the same time, I want time to stop, I want to hold my baby in my arms while I can and never let her go. No matter how old she is, I know one thing for sure - she will always be my baby girl and I will always be her number one fan.
  I always have so much fun planning our babies birthday parties! I take it very serious. lol! I think of every detail possible.  Last year, for Sophia 1st birthday party we had Minnie Mouse come to her pink & gold clubhouse ( I will do a blog post on babies 1st birthday parties shortly after this one to help you mamas out! lol Noah's is in June and I am already planning that out!) Anyways, our Sophia Grace loves Minnie Mouse so much, she just had to have her again and I would do anything just to see her smile. So Minnie Mouse, it is! This time, with some tea.
     Every night before Sophia Grace and I go to bed, we have a tea party! It's her favorite. She will pour me some tea and even making the pouring sound while doing so. It's the cutest thing ever. So of course,  a tea for two birthday party theme was perfect for our sweet Sophia Grace.

Minnie Mouse Arriving to Sophia Grace's Tea Party...
That's the exact smile I was talking about. I love you baby girl.
Painting With Minnie Mouse:
Blowing Out The Candles...
Sophia Grace's Favorite Part!
&&& A little more:
 Thank you to all of our family and friends who came to celebrate our Sweet Sophia Grace. She had such an amazing time with you all. We are so truly grateful and blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful people. Sophia Grace, you are so loved!!

*Also, a big thank you to Boballoons360 for sponsoring THE BEST yard balloon. It was such a special and unique touch to Sophia Grace's party, and allowed a big welcome to our guests for the princess' party. I will Boballoons360 for future birthday parties, no doubt. Below I will list the contact information.
phone: 832-913-5401


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