The Robinson Residence: Christmas with Janie and Jack: Plaid Party

Friday, December 8, 2017

Christmas with Janie and Jack: Plaid Party

        Happy Holidays! I am so honored and excited to be partnering with Janie and Jack - my personal favorite place to shop for children's clothing. Janie and Jack offers luxurious clothing for children sizes 0-12 years old. Janie and Jack is my ultimate go-to whenever I want my kids to be the best dressed and have a show stopping head to toe outfit. I can always rely on them to have amazing choices to choose from for any event, from dressy to casual to elevated playwear; their brand is classic, modern, and timeless. 
     I have been planning our Christmas pictures for a couple of months and I knew that my babies outfits were going to be from Janie and Jack without a doubt.  Janie and Jack  does such an amazing job at allowing their customers to look put together, in their phenomenal one of a kind outfit pieces.  Their outfits are so unique and remarkable that you are able to spot one from within a crowd. In other words, these outfits are extraordinary. Children's luxury if you will.
    Even though Sophia Grace and Noah look sharp in Janie and Jack clothing, they are just kids and it's in their nature to get dirty and act wild. Fortunately, Janie and Jack has covered all areas! Besides being exquisite and offering a classic silhouette, Janie and Jack's fine fabric is high quality and very resilient. What more can you ask for?! Great looks as well as quality, I am sold!
     Let's move on and talk about Sophia Grace and Noah's specific outfit details from Janie and Jack. I knew this Christmas I wanted them to be in plaid. Well,what do you know?! Janie and Jack offers a specific holiday collection this season "Plaid Party" which included everything I wanted and more! 
     When I spotted this adorable Dog Sweater Vest, I knew my baby boy Noah had to have it. It is so adorable and beyond appropriate for a little boy's Christmas. This sweater vest was the main focus of his outfit. To complete the look, I added the adorable Embroidered Dog Bodysuit underneath the sweater, then the Plaid Suspender Pant, which coordinates perfectly with the dog's sweater on the sweater vest, how perfect?! I decided to put him in these classic, traditional Saddle Crib Shoes to add the perfect finishing touch to his dapper look. Not to mention, he even has matching dog socks and of course, this festive gent couldn't go without a matching dog bowtie! Topping this look off, I added this festive and preppy Plaid Cap
     I came across this Plaid Bow Cardigan for Sophia Grace and I knew this was going to be part of her outfit, the main focus. I adore the cable knit detailing, it allows for the cardigan to give off a soft and cozy look, then the 2 plaid bows add a precious touch. I paired this Cardigan with this festive tulle Plaid Skirt, this skirt coordinates with the bows on the cardigan perfectly, as it allows for the 2 simple bows to pop and make a simple, yet bold statement. To break up the plaid, I added this classic, beautiful ivory Ruffle Collar Top. The simple little red velvet bow along the ruffled collar allows for the top to tie in with the cardigan and the skirt. The detailing in this top speaks for itself.  I decided to put Sophia Grace in these chic soft Velvet Flats, along with these beautiful ivory Bow Tights. Of course, we can't have a little girl without a bow right?! Not in our household at least. Sophia Grace adores bows, she will remind me when she doesn't have one on. So of course, we went with this precious Plaid Bow Headband to complete this darling, classic look!
     Janie and Jack has done it again! The most precious look for my precious babies.
If you are looking for the sweetest and most unique clothing and/or accessories for children, visit Janie and Jack. Let me know what your favorites are, I would love to hear! 

Shop Noah's Look:
Dog Sweater Vest: Janie and Jack
Embroidered Dog Bodysuit: Janie and Jack
Plaid Suspender Pant: Janie and Jack
Plaid Cap: Janie and Jack
Dog Bowtie: Janie and Jack
Dog Socks:Janie and Jack
Saddle Crib Shoes:Janie and Jack

Shop Sophia Grace's Look:
Plaid Bow Cardigan: Janie and Jack
Plaid Skirt: Janie and Jack
Ruffle Collard Top: Janie and Jack
Velvet Flats: Janie and Jack
Bow Tights: Janie and Jack
Plaid Bow Headband: Janie and Jack

*Thank you Janie and Jack for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own.


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