The Robinson Residence: November 2018

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Christmas Traditions

     Happy Friday sweet friends. The holiday's are officially here and we could not be more excited! Each and every year, we make ginger bread houses as a family. Brett and I did this before we had Sophia Grace and Noah. Now, that we have them.. the tradition is better than ever!
    It is just such a special moment. Now that they are older, they are more involved with the decorating and seeing the smiles on their face as they frost the house with yummy icing, melts my heart. I wouldn't trade these precious memories for the world!
     Now that Sophia Grace and Noah have more cousins, this year I decided to start a tradition amongst our the family to kick start the month of December and get in the holiday spirit! Tonight I am hosting our annual "Gingerbread House Party" at our house. Nothing big and fancy, just simply a a lot of laughs and amazing memories made with our sweet babies, their cousins, my sisters, brothers, in-laws, nieces and nephews. What more could you ask for?
     For our family gathering, I am planning on us all listening to Christmas music and/or watching classic Christmas movies, I have set up a children's table where the cousins can make their ginger bread houses, decorate their cookies and ice cream cone Christmas trees! I am also setting up a little painting and hot cocoa station for them!
     I am so excited to spend this time with my two babies and their cousins. After all, this night is all about them and creating unforgettable memories. I know us adults will have a blast, as well! Although, the kids make the holidays magical! I hope our first year turns out amazing, and I hope this new tradition is one the children look forward to each and every year at their house / Aunt Rebecca's and Uncle Brett's house!

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Being a Gracious Host and Guest + Thanksgiving Menu...

      Hi lovelies! I hope you all had a great Monday and are looking forward to the rest of the week! Today, I am going to be sharing with you my set menu for this years feast & gather at our home and I am also going to be sharing proper etiquette for a host and guest! I hope you guys find this post helpful!

A gracious host:
1)  Properly Invite. When inviting your guest, be sure to be very clear and informative. Always provide them with necessary information such as the date, the time, the place, the occasion, the dress code, ect.

2) Plan well. When planning your event, it is very important to plan in advance. Get everything ready- do a deep clean, get your meal prepped, set the table, and restock your scents, toiletries, and refreshments. -When you do this, you're more relaxed on the big day.

3) Be welcoming and attentive. When guest arrive make sure they are greeted warmly, and make them feel welcomed throughout the event. Always cater to your guests, make sure they have plenty to eat and drink.

4) Be the leader. As a host, it is your job to run the show and let your guests know when it is time for dinner, dessert, present opening time, ect. Circulate among your guests, introduce newcomers and make everyone feel as if they know one another!

5) Be Appreciative.  Thank your gules tests for coming to your event as you walk them out the door and say your good-byes.

A gracious guest:

1) RSVP.  Be considerate and always let the host know if you're able to attend the event or not as soon as possible.

2) Arrive on time.  Typically, guests should arrive at or shortly after (fifteen minutes or less) the time stated on the invitation. Do not arrive any earlier, this may put stress on your host if they are doing last minute duties. If you're running late make sure you give the hosts a call and let them know your ETA.

3) Offer to lend a hand.  If your host is in the kitchen preparing the food, offer to help her/him. Even if your offered is refused, your gesture will be greatly appreciated. Also, at the end of the event, ALWAYS offer to help clean up.

4) Be easy going and participate. Listen to the host as they direct you. When he/she states that the dinner is ready, get up and head straight for the dinner table. Never make him/her tell you twice. Also, if you're asked to participate in a game for instance, accept graciously and enthusiastically. Always be apart of whatever is happening. No one likes a party-pooper! You're never too cool to have a little fun.

5) Thank your host.  Always thank your host when you say your good-byes. Let them know how appreciative you are and how beautiful everything turned out. You could also give them a second thank you the next day by a simple text or phone call!

Below are my recipe cards. I only uploaded the ones my viewers requested, if there's one you want that's not on here, let me know! I would be more than happy to share. 
Happy Harvest!

Monday, November 19, 2018

The Post Oak Hotel

Hello and Happy Monday, you guys! I hope you all have an amazing (and short) week ahead as Thanksgiving approaches us. I am so excited to share todays blog post with you all! As most of you may know, last weekend Brett and I had the opportunity to have a luxurious weekend getaway for the celebration of Brett's birthday at The Post Oak Hotel, Houston's only Five-Diamond hotel.
     If I am being completely honest, I have never experienced a hotel stay quite like this one. From the moment of our arrival, I was blown away with the hospitality of the polite valet and the sophisticated as well as professional team of The Post Oak Hotel. Not to mention, the detail of the hotel-from the inside out it is truly a work of art.
      Our room was located on the 18th floor and the room itself was...breath taking. As soon as we walked in, we were greeted with a gorgeous chandelier and I was automatically excited to see the rest of the room. As I looked ahead, I saw a spacious room and a beyond beautiful bathroom. The full on marble bathroom included a soaking tub, television,walk-in shower, and dual vanities.  The views of the Houston skyline was one unlike any other from our room. The room was so tech! You could control all of the lights and even the curtains with one single touch of a button. There were two smart TV's (double sided) in the room, one facing the bed, the other facing the lounge area. It was truly so awesome. The room was fully equipped  with any and every thing you could ever need/think you need! If you left something at home, not to worry they have you covered 100%. The room even has it's very own Nespresso coffee maker. What else could you possibly need?!
     Each night we were spoiled with a nightly turndown service. For me, that is truly everything I could ask for. I love for the room to feel a little refreshed before bed time! Along with the turndown service, they provided us with two bottles of Lavender pillow mist. Once again, The Post Oak Hotel's attention to detail makes you feel so welcomed and catered to.
     Our first night in, we took it easy and ordered room service. It was amazing! They even rolled in our own table to eat our dinner on. The next morning, Brett, the kids, and I headed over to Bloom and Bee for brunch and OH MY GOODNESS. This place had incredible food, the kids even approved! This exact dining destination is so chic and cute. It has fresh blooms + pink everywhere. I am already wanting to start planning my birthday brunch there! Not only could it be a place for a casual lunch your girlfriends, husband, or family but I think it would be the cutest place to host a baby and/or bridal shower!
     Brett and I spent Saturday on the 5th floor at the Spa and it was just what this mommy and daddy needed for our little weekend getaway! The spa is filled with relaxing vibes and overall was just such a peaceful and romantic environment spent with Brett.
    Later that night, Brett, I, + our family and friends headed out for dinner at Mastro's Steakhouse. We had such an amazing time and experience. The service and food were absolutely phenomenal. If you are local to Houston or are visiting, and are looking for amazing Steak + Seafood + BUTTER CAKE.. you just had to come here for yourself.  You'll thank me later!
     I could go on and on about The Post Oak Hotel. This is hands down the longest blog post I have probably ever written but, I am truly so pleased with this hotel.  They take care of their customers and the hotel so well, it shows! Below, I have attached a room tour video so you can see for yourself!
     *Thank you to The Post Oak Hotel for sponsoring our stay. All opinions are truly my own!

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