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Thursday, May 3, 2018


     Hello, lovely ladies! I hope you are all have had an amazing week. For those of you who are new around here, welcome!! I am glad you stopped in, because today's topic is a popular one. I got lip fillers for my very first time 3 weeks ago at MD Advanced Skincare.
     First, let me brag on them for a second. If you know me, you know how picky of a person I am. I will do research for months trying to find the best of the best before I decide to go/give business to a company. Even with my nails. I prefer quality places, people I can trust. MD Advanced Skincare has gained my trust time after time, leaving me satisfied beyond belief and for that reason they will always have my business! The staff members are absolutely amazing and the office itself is so warm, welcoming, and clean!
     I never really had a problem with the way my lips looked, if I am being honest. Although, I knew I could use a little plump on my upper lip. After receiving Botox from Braidee and following this lip queen through the years and seeing her before and after's I finally decided just to do it! I preferred more of a natural look, just a little plumped. I personally do not like the "over done/too big" lips. Scroll down to see the results!!
     I have been told by everyone that getting your lips done is painful. I went in expecting the absolute worst. I mean, come on. I have had two babies, it can't be too harsh, right?! Well, I am going to be honest with you all. It hurts. There's no way around that. Now, is it the worst pain I've been through? No. Will I do it again? Yes! I'll put it that way. It hurts, but the pain is only temporary for incredible results. Plus, the staff at MD Advanced (Braidee mainly) will talk you through it, load you up with numbing cream, and offer you stress balls. (Take them, you'll thank me later).  
P.S- Please excuse my faces in these pictures, ha! I tried to have the prettiest face possible for the camera then I just let go. I figured you guys would appreciate me being authentic. 
     Ta-da! After 15-20 minutes the procedure is complete and you will see immediate results!! What's better than that? I fell in love with the finish looked. Braidee did an amazing job, per usual. My lips were so plump and smooth. If I am being honest, I couldn't stop looking at myself. Ha! Did I just say that? I am being honest. I was thrilled with the results. Satisfied as everyone should be!

     1 cc(1 syringe)  of the new Revanesse Versa. After having a consultation with Braidee she recomended Revanesse Versa to me for the look I was going for. MD Advanced Skincare offers a variety of derma fillers to choose from.

-The day before your get your lips done, make sure you take Arnica pills. Twice the day before. After your procedure is done you will want to keep taking them 2 times a day for roughly 3 days. These pills help with the bruising and swelling. You can find these pills at your local drugstore! 
-Expect some bruising. Everyone is different. I tend to bruise easily, therefore my bruising did get pretty dark. I didn't see any bruising right after the procedure. I noticed it appear later on that night and stayed for about 4-5 days after the procedure ( the 3rd day was the worse) but make-up covered it up very easily! I wasn't stuck at home or anything like that. I attended a brunch the day after, no biggie!
-ICE, ICE, BABY! Seriously, ice yourself as soon as your done and continue to do so. This will also help with the bruising and swelling. Plus, MD Advanced has you covered! They'll send you home with the cutest ice pack. I love mine!
 -Go in it feeling confident and ready for some amazing lips afterwards, girlfriend! Do not get too caught up on the pain where it will ruin your experience. This is a fun thing! Remind yourself that "Beauty is pain" and you will do just fine! I promise.

Braidee. She's the Aesthetic Nurse Injector at MD Advanced Skincare. Her skill level is incredible and I would recommend anyone to her! I trust her so much. That's so important when doing things like this. Having a relationship built with trust! After all, she is injecting your face. Go check out the rest of her work- it's phenomenal! 
FOUNDER & CEO of MD Advanced Skincare: @propertyofkhizar
If you just can't wait to get your lippies done, call the office, talk to Cheyenne at the front desk and let them know I sent you! I will provide all of their information below!
Phone: 832-460-5613
Address: 13325 Hargrave Rd. Suite #180
Houston, Tx. 77070

*Thank you to MD Advanced Skincare for sponsoring this post. All opinions & product selections are my own.

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