The Robinson Residence: Noah's First Farm

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Noah's First Farm

     My little boy is 1 year old. I can't believe it! Time flies. I have been planning Noah's first birthday party since he was 6 months old. Let's be real! I love decorating parties and planning events. It is so much fun and rewarding to see my vision come to life. Especially when it's for my babies!
     For Noah, I went with a "Farm" theme birthday party. This theme just screams "little boy" to me and is simply adorable.  I love all the cow print, bandanas, green tractors, and farm animals! His birthday is in the heat of the Summer, so of course a petting zoo had to be involved and a blow up kiddie pool for all of his friends. So did Mama's homemade birthday cake ice cream! It was the perfect sweet treat for all of the kiddos and adults.
     Instead of gifts, we asked everyone to bring a hand written/sealed letter to Noah that we will place in a time capsule for him to open up on his 18th birthday.  We did the same thing for Sophia Grace. I adore this idea because honestly, they are not going to remember or appreciate gifts when they're just 1 year old, but when they're 18 and read who was all at their 1st birthday- that will be something special. I place these in a box along with some memorbilias from the party, so he can have a part of his 1st birthday!
     Noah's 1st birthday party was such a special day. I will cherish this day for the rest of my life! I love my sweet baby boy so much. Happy 1st birthday, sonshine!!

** A big thank you to Mari's Sweet Cake for the adorable Cake, cupcakes, and cake-pops!
**A big thank you to Boballoons360 for the #1 yard balloon! Mention me "Rebecca Robinson" to receive a discount off your next yard balloon!!


  1. I remember when I had themed birthday parties for my kids when they were young. Yours is FABULOUS ‼️
    Your family is beautiful and I know how proud you parents must be. Send me your email address so I can send you an invitation to my Trunk Show Oct 9th. Then you can choose something for them as a gift from me. Mailing a little dress tomorrow ❤️❤️

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