The Robinson Residence: Christmas Traditions

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Christmas Traditions

     Happy Friday sweet friends. The holiday's are officially here and we could not be more excited! Each and every year, we make ginger bread houses as a family. Brett and I did this before we had Sophia Grace and Noah. Now, that we have them.. the tradition is better than ever!
    It is just such a special moment. Now that they are older, they are more involved with the decorating and seeing the smiles on their face as they frost the house with yummy icing, melts my heart. I wouldn't trade these precious memories for the world!
     Now that Sophia Grace and Noah have more cousins, this year I decided to start a tradition amongst our the family to kick start the month of December and get in the holiday spirit! Tonight I am hosting our annual "Gingerbread House Party" at our house. Nothing big and fancy, just simply a a lot of laughs and amazing memories made with our sweet babies, their cousins, my sisters, brothers, in-laws, nieces and nephews. What more could you ask for?
     For our family gathering, I am planning on us all listening to Christmas music and/or watching classic Christmas movies, I have set up a children's table where the cousins can make their ginger bread houses, decorate their cookies and ice cream cone Christmas trees! I am also setting up a little painting and hot cocoa station for them!
     I am so excited to spend this time with my two babies and their cousins. After all, this night is all about them and creating unforgettable memories. I know us adults will have a blast, as well! Although, the kids make the holidays magical! I hope our first year turns out amazing, and I hope this new tradition is one the children look forward to each and every year at their house / Aunt Rebecca's and Uncle Brett's house!

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