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Monday, November 6, 2017

What's In MY Suitcase?!

      Hello from Paradise, loves! Although we miss our babies dearly, Brett and I are seriously having the time of our lives here in the Bahamas! We have gotten to see and experience some of the coolest things. Tomorrow, we have a whole day planned for us to visit Exuma. That's where we are going to be able to swim with the pigs, feed the sharks, and a bunch of other cool stuff! I will share more about our fun adventures once I put together my 'Travel Guide Bahamas Edition'!
     Today, I am going to share with you what's in my suitcase, and what I travel with! I have learned how to pack LIGHT & smart since we typically travel with our babies and need to savor space. But, I've become a pro at packing and what is the most important to bring when traveling. It makes it that much easier!

     When traveling to a tropical place, I feel that it is a necessity to have these items:

1) Lily Pulitzer - This brand is one of my favorites for the summer and tropical vacations. Her patterns are seriously so FUN and vibrant. This brand definitely screams "HELLO PARADISE!"
I would recommend grabbing something of hers before a trip to paradise. A dress, a shirt, or a pair of her adorable shorts.

2)Tory Burch Miller Flip Flops- These are so cute and comfy. I prefer getting the nude shade in these if you want to get more use out of them. They go with any outfit, and are so easy to just throw on and go! I typically will wear these out to the pool, beach, or casual during the day shopping.

3)Marc Fisher Wedges-  If you don't have the option take your whole closet of shoes, it's a must to take at least one pair of heels that can go with any outfit. These heels are my number 1 pick! They're so flattering on your feet and easily go with a variety of outfits- such as jeans, shorts, skirts, or even a dress!

4)Sunglasses-  This is MUST when traveling anywhere in my opinion. Especially a tropical destination.. where it's the MOST sunny! I have a huge sunglass collection and I take at least 5 pairs whenever I travel.  The way I pack these to keep them safe while traveling and to save space is by putting them all inside of my 1 clutch I bring. Then I put that clutch inside of my main purse, in this case that main purse of mine is my pom beach bag...

5) Beach Bag- A fun and cute beach bag is something that I bring whenever we head somewhere tropical! I always think a purse is a statement piece and something that is a necessity when going out. I apply that when heading to the beach as well! You have to carry a cute beach bag filled with your beach necessities such as- towels, sunscreen, tanning lotion, sunglasses, and water bottles! + When you have babies with you, there's a whole other list of goodies!

6) Sunhat- I am a huge fan of hats! Any kind. So hat's are always on my travel list.

7) Swimwear-  This is a must, duh! I always pack the same amount of swim suits as the amount of day's we're staying. Brett think's I'm crazy, but I like having a different swimsuit each day. Just a personal preference.

8)Earrings- If you see me, I am typically ALWAYS wearing pearl earrings. They're my absolute favorite, so classic, simple, and go with any outfit. When in paradise, I will pair FUN tassel earrings with an outfit time to time!

9) Hair Spray- Obviously you need to bring all of your personal hair products! For me, hairspray is the 1st thing I will grab. I LOVE drybar & Sebastian. They're incredible and smell delicious..

10) Lorac Tantalizer- I have been using this body bronzing luminizer for years and I love it so much. It is so easy to put on and take off. I use it on my legs, it gives my legs an amazing glow. It comes in a travel suize,too! If you haven't tried this product yet, I highly recommend you do!

11) Clarins & Clarisonic- Last but not least, you have to bring your skin care regime. I do my routine every morning and every night!

Below I linked everything! I hope you enjoyed this..
If you have ANY questions-  don't hesitate to ask!!

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