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Monday, December 18, 2017

Eggnog + Peppermint Ice Cream...

     Happy Monday lovelies! I hope everyone has an amazing start to their week. Today marks the ONE WEEK count down until Christmas! Can you believe it?! The thought of all of our family over at our house celebrating the birth of Jesus and enjoying each others company gets me SO excited, I can hardly wait!
     Growing up, I was always surrounded by family. I am so blessed to have had and STILL have a family that is very tight knit. Not only do I get to have that, now my kids do. My entire family lives here in Houston and so do Brett's parents and great grandma, it is such a blessing for both Sophia Grace and Noah to ba able to have that.
     Cooking can be overwhelming on Holidays, but I wouldn't want it any other way. Dessert is always a must, right?! We always have more than one option, but my absolute favorite dessert option just happens to be the easiest plus the perfect & classic holiday dessert. There's no way I couldn't share it with you!
      I picked this recipe up from my Nana Morris.  ALL you really need is Eggnog & Peppermint ice cream...pretty simple right? These 2 simple ingredients combined create an amazing, festive and no cook dessert! I always add a little candy cane on the side, just making it more pretty!
    I hope you guys try this easy & delicious dessert for the holidays! If you happen to, let me know how much you loved it!!

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