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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

What I Want My Children to Know

     Becoming a mother has completely changed my life, for the better. It has become my biggest accomplishment, I am so proud to be a mother to my Sophia Grace and Noah. Words just can't describe the joy my kids bring to my life, they are my pride and joy. As a mother, we have a lot of responsibilities on a day to day basis. We are teachers. Each and every second of every day we are shaping whom our children grow up and become in this world. It is our job to make them the best humans they possibly can be before we let them fly out into this world on their own. 
     I am constantly wondering if I am doing enough as a mother.  Am I leading by example? I thought to myself one day "What would I want my kids to know?" Have I taught them integral life lessons? I came up with a list and I am going to share my top 10. I hope you enjoy my thoughts! Motherhood is truly the biggest blessing!

What I Want My Children To Know:

1.  Build & Focus On Your Relationship With God. This is number one. Building a relationship with God is the foundation of a good person. If you have succeeded with that, I believe the rest is in His hands. Say your prayers and give thanks to all of your blessings.

2. Find & Be YOURSELF. Each and every person is different. There is no one else who can ever be YOU. Find what sets you apart from everyone else, something you're great at, and something that makes you unique. Accept and love yourself. People will love and gravitate to you when you are real and genuine.

3. Be Honest. "Honesty is the best policy."- Benjamin Franklin. I've been taught from a very young age by my father that being honest is the best quality any person can have. When we are honest, we build strength of character.

4. Always Be Kind. You never know what a person is going through in their life. Always be nice, smile, and who knows- you might just make someones day. Plus-you will never regret being kind.

5. Surround Yourself With Success.  Choose a good group of friends. "You become who you hang out with." Be friends with those whom inspire you, motivate you to be a better person, and help you make good decisions.

6. Take Responsibility For Your Actions. No ones perfect, this I know. You are going to be at fault in life and make wrong decisions at times. This is all about learning and growing as a person. It's okay. Although, you must own your actions and take full responsibility. When you are at wrong, say you are sorry and mean it. Try your best to resolve the issue, learn from it, and move on.

7. Please and Thank You. Use your manners at all times. When someone does something for you, thank them. Always express gratitude for acts of service. Be polite and respectful.

8. Stay Away From Drugs/Alcohol.  Nothing good comes from Drugs or Alcohol. Keep your body and mind clean. Be in control.

9. If You Want Something Done Right, Do it Yourself. Work hard for what you want and do not expect a thing from anyone else. No one is going to work as hard for you, as you.

10. Family Time is The Best Time. Enjoy and cherish each second with your family. Never take them for granted. They love you so much, and will always be there for you-through all of your ups and downs. They are the most important people in your life. Always put them first.

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