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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Our Fairytale Wedding

     Since I have been a little girl, I have dreamed about the man I would marry and our fairytale wedding. I have envisioned exactly what my wedding was going to be like. From the color scheme, to my wedding dress details, the elegant venue, my bridesmaids dresses, the cake, the bouquets, all of it. I have known exactly what I've wanted this day to be like my entire life.  September 5th, 2015 was an absolute dream come true, the day I have been waiting on my entire life. I  became a wife and married the love of my life & our fairytale wedding became a reality. It was everything I could of imagined it to be and more.
     I have been so excited to share this day with all of you. It was such a special day, I married my best friend ; Brett Robinson and that's the moment when I became Mrs. Robinson. The best decision and day in my life. ( Having our babies are right there with the BEST day of my life).
     Wedding planning was everything I expected it to be. I enjoyed every minute of it. I am a huge planner! I had 9 months to plan our wedding, all by myself. No help! That's something I  was always up for and wanted to do for a couple reasons. The #1 reason being is that I like to be in control and do things my way, especially when it involves something that means so much to me. I don't like the feeling of relying on others to get it done, that's too stressful.
     The 1st thing on my checklist was to look at wedding venues. Chateau Cocomar was already at the top of my list after a ton of research. It's such an elegant, royal, and sophisticated feel, exactly what I was looking for. I felt like a PRINCESS IN MY CASTLE. That was the 1st place we scheduled and looked at. I fell in absolute LOVE. There was no reason to waste time and look any longer, I knew that this was the EXACT venue that we wanted. We booked it for September 5th 2015.
     These 3 years of marriage have gone by so fast. I guess what they say is true. Time flies when you're having fun. These 3 years with Brett have been nothing but pure joy and happiness.  I am looking forward to a lifetime of happiness with the love of my life.
Once upon a time...

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  1. It's every girls dream and mine too! Reading this post really made me emotional. My friend is arranging a grand bridal shower party at one of the well known wedding venues next month. Her plans are just for my satisfaction to make me feel on cloud nine. Also took me shopping for designer outfit and accessories. Wedding is after three months.



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